Figueiredo Ferraz

A Pioneer’s Pathway

In 1941, Jose Carlos de Figueiredo Ferraz , an engineer and professor at São Paulo University’s Polytechnic Institute, founded the structural engineering office that, as it accompanied Brazil’s growth, grew into a project engineering and consulting company that developed and divulged technologies which significantly contributed to the nation’s development.

In the 1960s four new partners, also professors at the Polytechnic Institute, joined the company. João Antonio del Nero, José Lourenço Castanho, Mosze Gitelman and Aluízio Fontana Margarido, in addition to their remarkable accomplishments, consolidated the company’s high ethical and professional standards.

In 2008, new partners joined the company, composing its third generation of management. New capitalization, transformation into a corporation and the introduction of modern corporate governance thus assure the continuity and growth of the Figueiredo Ferraz culture, dedicated to technical excellence, innovation and business-orientation for the new century.

Company development and the development of Engineering in Brazil have marched hand in hand. Innovation in solving technical challenges has become the Figueiredo Ferraz trademark.

This orientation towards innovation is based on a permanent interaction with University and research centers, enabling continuous improvement and updating among collaborators. Through these interactions, Figueiredo Ferraz continually enhances staff knowledge enabling the company to  absorb and propagate new techniques and maintain itself in the technological vanguard.

The Figueiredo Ferraz trademark has been present in Brazilian engineering for more than 60 years. Its pioneering attitudes have developed and introduced new technologies in the country that have made possible endeavors contributing to Brazil’s  economic and social development.

Brazil’s growth enabled the Company to widen its objectives while  acquiring experience and skill in large, complex multidisciplinary engineering projects for subways, railways, highways, airports, ports, bridges, viaducts, water resources, sanitation, energy, underground structures, industry, telecommunications, buildings, environment, urban and regional development, automation, and process control.

During its history, the company has trained a corps of highly skilled technicians and committed professionals, offered the best solutions to clients’ needs, and preserved  the work philosophy  implanted by the founder and which  still guides its existence.

“Engineering as a service for economic and social development, absorbing and divulging new technologies: the Company as a continuation of the University, in a permanent quest for quality, within the highest ethical and professional standards.”

As an independent consultant, the company ’s areas of expertise include:

  • technical studies and planning;
  • conceptual, basic and executive projects;
  • technical assistance, construction supervision and inspection;
  • project, construction and program management; and
  • enterprise planning and development.


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